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Big Team opens doors for young people from underrepresented communities or backgrounds to enter the festival, events and creative industries.

Big Team CIC was established in 2019 as a proactive response to the lack of representation within the creative industries. Although originally formed by Team Love, Big Team has now evolved to become its own entity, working with partner organisations across the south-west to create opportunities and pathways into the music, festivals, events and creative industries. We utilise our knowledge, experience and network to work with adults between the ages of 18-30 from underrepresented communities and/or anyone who may face socio-economic barriers to work opportunities.


The core aims are to create visible, supported and inclusive pathways into the creative industries, encouraging lasting and tangible change in the wider industry by forming a successful legacy of diversity and inclusion in the south-west and beyond. 

In the short time that Big Team has been running, they've built a network of young people through outreach & engagement, and developed some incredible partnerships with local creative and youth-led organisations who are committed to supporting us with the delivery of impactful projects with real outcomes for the communities they want to reach.

To speak directly with someone from Big Team, please contact

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Big Team and Bristol Beacon joined forces once again in search of the city’s best emerging talent. Having just launched the third year of Next Level, we recently brought a stellar showcase performance to Bristol Beacon’s brand new redeveloped studios and stages, and the team are ready to return returning to the Big Team festival circuit!

This project has been specially designed to help support aspiring artists who are making original music of modern genres, and might already be making steps with performing live, or releasing records. We aim to help advance the artist's creative development through building confidence and connection whilst enhancing their writing, recording, performance, and promotional skills.

Successful applicants take part in a creative studio week and present their demos, write new material, and collaborate through co-writing and rehearsals. Following on from that is an industry workshop day focused around navigating the world of music business, featuring specially curated workshops hosted by Bristol heavyweights Team Love, Boomtown Festival and Hey? What! - who better to learn from than some of the biggest names in the creative industries.

With guidance from well-established artists who are experienced in the industry, and a number of active organisations in the local music scene, the hope is that together we can support the next generation of exciting Bristol artists to take their careers to the NEXT LEVEL.

Recent Projects

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