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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Team Love is a small, independent company started by a group of friends that has expanded over the past 10 years.  The nature of our company’s foundations, growth and place within the sector as a whole has often seen us operating within closed networks.  We recognise that we must actively seek to address this issue.

We want to use our platform to increase representation within the events industry – behind the scenes and at the forefront – inviting those from all walks of life to have a seat at the table to ensure the future is inclusive and diverse.

Our aspiration is to open up our workforces, partnerships and audiences to the widest range of people from the locale in which we are operating, through employment, training, inclusive recruitment and opportunities for all.

We are actively promoting changes around diversity and inclusion across all areas of our organisation, embedding them into our event plans, company policies and communications. For Team Love, diversity and inclusion refers to specific actions.  We have created a set of Guiding Principles that summarise what we’re working towards for all of our projects. They will be used as a checklist during both planning and evaluation to ensure that we continue to make progress across every event:

  • Ensure every event provides opportunities outside of our established networks.

  • Working positively and proactively with other organisations and partners to engage new collaborators, contributors and audiences  with a view to effect wider change.

  • Explore and develop new avenues for connection and partnerships.

  • Inviting people with the widest possible backgrounds and life experiences into our workforce through inclusive HR practices and by setting up advisory boards and steering groups.

  • Creating work spaces and work-place cultures that are welcoming to all.

  • Commit to diverse representation for line ups and content.

  • Allocating budget within every project for the purpose of developing diversity & inclusion.

  • Including roles within the team who have specific responsibility for diversity and inclusion work.

  • Ensure that our marketing and comms are representative of the communities in which we are operating.

  • Use our platforms to positively and actively promote diversity and inclusion.

  • Implement ticket schemes that make our events accessible to wider audiences.

  • Collect data from every event in order that we can implement effective changes and measure progress.

  • Providing ongoing diversity & inclusion training for our staff.

We are inspired by bringing together culture and community through a range of festivals and events across Bristol, the UK and Europe. We want our spaces to be inclusive of people from all backgrounds, diverse in output and a place where people can come together and share their knowledge, experience and culture in a space that is open and accessible for all.

We are committed to this work and see it as a priority for Team Love that must involve and engage our full team.  We understand that it is an ongoing process and will regularly check  progress as part of our annual review.

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